31 January 2008

Brisbane Pleasures

Hi Happy Readers
I am completely recovered from Palazzo Versace now & while it was a fantastic weekend, last weekend (the Australia Day weekend) brought it's own equally wonderful pleasures.  We went to a great barbie on Saturday night with some lovely friends & ate delicious lamb & pavlova & drank Australian wine.  On Sunday morning I ran 14kms along both banks the Brisbane River & saw parts of Brisbane that I didn't know about.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  On Monday Steve & I had a picnic in our favourite park, lying on the grass with LillyP the dog, reading & listening to kids playing cricket while inhaling the delightful aroma of barbecuing sausages & onions. Ahhhh!
THAT is my idea of heaven.
I also did some family history research.  I am looking at my mum's side of the family now & they are Scottish, via New Zealand.  I discovered some information about my great-grandfather Alexander Wighton (seen here in his WW1 uniform).  One of my patients at work, an old Digger, saw the photo & suggested Alex may have been a member of the Queen's Cameron Highlanders regiment but I have yet to confirm this although it would explain the great kit he's wearing!  His brother Dugald also went to WW1 but unfortunately, I discovered he died of his wounds in France & is buried in a British cemetery in Belgium.  I found that quite sad because I actually have an embroidered postcard he sent to my grandmother where he has written that he is "off back to the trenches" and ... well....  we all know how terrible it was.  I guess I feel a bit of a link to him because of that postcard.  Also, having just seen "Atonement" last week didn't help.  Anyway, it seems my "roots" are in Dundee.   

 My cousin blogged about a strange dream he had had last week involving beautiful blondes and something to do with cheese.  Well, I thought THAT was odd until I remembered half way through today that I had dreamed that the Queen & I had the same size feet and I had been wearing her wellies!  What does that all mean I wonder?  Can anyone interpret it?

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Anonymous said...

I reckon your wearing the Queen's wellies is related to the recent unearthing (figuratively-speaking) of a relative who was part of one of the royal regiments, therefore the discovery of a link between your world and hers - that you have something in common. The fact it was wellies means it's a 'grass roots' link, a practical and earthy connection, not something ethereal or fantastic.
That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it! - Zelda, the Interpreter of Dreams