09 February 2008

Greedy Pig

Saturday night.  Crap on telly.  So, what's a girl to do?  Eat roast chookie skin & then have two helpings of home made apple pie & ice cream.  Why not?  Life is short.  I just do not care one jot tonight because I know that tomorrow I will be running 16kms to atone my sins.  Am also suffering Grumpy Cow Syndrome which I KNOW for a fact is alleviated by the consumption of illicit foods.  I have had a feral week & am convinced I have swallowed a nuclear reactor, or magnetic force field, or something, that has resulted in almost every electrical appliance in my little hemisphere going On The Blink this week.  My computer at work is behaving completely erratically, my 3/52 old mobile 'phone cannot hold a charge longer than 20 hours, even though I don't make calls, my office telephone headset packed it in on Friday morning for no apparent reason, I tried to plug my boss' laptop in to use at my desk & a puff of blue flame came out of the socket, our chookie did not cook in our poxy Miele oven, despite 1.25 hours at 200 degrees and then the beans refused to soften after 5 mins in the microwave!  Of course, to top that off, the bottle of pinot we opened for dinner tasted like vinegar.  So....  I am full of the jollies currently & I WILL have another bloody piece of apple pie if I want it, right?  

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Anonymous said...

S'OK Jen...I indulged in a kilo of spit roasted lamb, buffalo and pork(and 4 pieces of cracklin'

Oop's, I guess I am not anonymous after all