01 January 2008


Here are some photos that my brother & I are downloading & scanning etc over the New Year weekend. This is my mum, holding my brother (I think) and there's my dad in all his glory.

I've saved some more photos in another posting, to follow this one.
I'm finding that looking at all these photos is making me feel a bit sad for times that have passed. I know, I know... I can't really explain it. My issue is with Ageing and Time. It's just that it's happening all around me & there is nothing I can do to stop the process. I see these photos & I want to reclaim some of those memories but I can't because they are gone & will never be back.
Oh gawd... Is this how I am going to start 2008? Full of longing for things that have come and gone? Puhleeease... It's only a temporary sensation. I'll be over it in a minute so give me a break!
Gosh, this photo of my dad.... It's like he's going to open his mouth any minute and say something. It's so... HIM. It's freaking me out.
I love this photo of my mum though. She looks so beautiful.

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Amy said...

I love the photos Jen! You look SO MUCH like your Mum!