27 December 2007

My tummy is churning :o(

Hi there Happy Readers!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Steve & I went down the coast to mum's place.  It was a pretty good time.  Luckily the weather was gorgeous & not too hot.  After a 5km run on Christmas morning, mum & I went for a swim @ Torakina Beach (Brunswick Heads) and, upon urging from mum, I did some backstroke - the first time since I was about 5.  Okay, so there were no lanes marked for me to get tangled up in, but I could have ended up half way to New Zealand!!  We had a delicious lunch with Pete's family joining us & Hugh coming up from Sydney.  It was all a bit of a pigout to be honest & now my abdominal organs are squealing in distress.  In fact, I don't even want to tell you what I ate today (or didn't) but I will say that I am not having any dinner tonight & I am going to eat a lot of veggies tomorrow.  The fact that the 'fridge has a surfeit of choccie in it is something for me to worry about at a later date.  Here is a photo of moi carving up the very first fruit cake Steve & I have ever baked.  It was actually pretty tasty, if not a little.... um... moist.  Steve popped it back in to the oven this afternoon to try & dry it out a little as we're wondering if it might start growing mould!  
We did the Post-Christmas Sales this morning, which was a brave move, especially as Steve's knee is playing up a bit this week after his surgery last week.  We nabbed a couple of good bargains but in general, there was bugger all about & why spend the $$ just for the heck of it?  
Here are the results of our Inaugural Mince Pie Contest.  There were five entries in total, three of them by men.  All mince, bar one, was homemade but not all pastry and the eventual winner was Lee whose cherry-topped Margaret Fulton pies were delicious, even if the pastry was a bit tough.  My mince was almost tasteless but it was only my first time so I will kick some butt next year! 
Nothing to watch on the telly, feeling a bit sick & flobby, rain pattering down outside.... What does it all mean?  Bedtime!!!!  Cheerio :o)

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