01 March 2008

Saturday Night Fun

My cousins just told me about this website, "Smack The Penguin" and it is SO MUCH FUN! Have a go guys! Okay, so it's not socially responsible but ... it will make you laugh!
Saturday night here & am charging my iPod in prep for my 10km time trial tomorrow. I went a bit berserk on Thursday @ the gym on the treadmill & ended up with a bit of chest pain but I sure it's just anxiety/heartburn. We'll see what happens tomorrow!
Just got back from some friends' for dinner & as Designated Driver, it was me who was pulled over by the polizia on the way home & breath-tested. The lovely policeman asked me whether I had a full licence & of course, I have chosen to interpret that to mean that I look only 18 years old. Okay, so he had thick spectacles on & it WAS dark but... I am going to live on that compliment for the next few days. I baked Afghan biscuits today. Mmmmmm. Poor Steve is wondering how he will ever lose any weight. It's Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney tonight & Steve is watching some crazy transvestite program on the telly. Better go!

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