20 February 2008

My mangetic force field foiled

Okay Happy Readers, thanks to my friend, Swellgal, I have deduced why I have been having so many technical disasters recently. It's down to one thing only - the basics of technology. Yesssireee... I've been having a few problems turning on the Power Switch. Derrrrrr. This morning I tried to make myself a cup of tea but the water didn't go brown when I poured it over the rooibos bag - until I realised the water was cold because I forgot to boil it! And then the toast! Don't get me started on the toast! I started to rant about it not going brown or even heating up - until I realised I hadn't pressed the lever down. Oh derrrrrr, derrrrrrr and derrrrrrr again. It would explain also why my telephone headset at work didn't work until I pushed the plug back in & now that I have a new mouse and keyboard at work, both with cables, I am no longer having a single problem other than trying to recover from the stress all this techno-nightmare has brought me. If I'm like this now & I'm only 44, what will I be like when I am 74? Oh shit.

So, Swell is visiting from the wilderness of Maningrida & today we went for lunch at a fantastic place at the Powerhouse called.... um.... what was it called? Oh yeah, Bar Alto. It was So Fantastic! I ate risotto with zuchini flowers & bugs and Swell had some amazingly deliciously bad-for-you pasta & pumpkin with sage butter delight. And our food fantasy is not over yet as tonight we are cooking up Jamie's roasted chicken with a lemon up its jacksy! Yummmmm!

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