17 May 2008

Back to reality

Hi readers!
Writing with a wee headache this morning. Yes, okay, I confess I had a few 1/2 pints last night (well.... two) and this morning I feel like a blue budgie has taken up residence in my oral cavity. Luckily I would be a cheap drunk if I lived here. I actually didn't get drunk but two beers was all I needed. The beer is quite rich & "full-bodied". We went to dinner at a pub called, "The Swan with Two Nicks" with Steve's brother & sister-in-law and with his sister & brother-in-law last night. It was the most gorgeous pub with all the expected treats - low beams, brass saddle trimmings, dogs under the tables... I ate the most delicious steak & ale pie. Yum!
This brings me to a confession: yes readers, I have been extremely enthusiastic on this holiday in my quest to taste every morsel that we don't see often in Australia (if at all). There was one place we went to that had pigeon on the menu but I drew the line there. However, I have seen fit to guzzle & chomp my way through the UK. Firstly, the cheeses here are brilliant & not expensive like they are in Australia, especially goat's cheese & one of my faves, Blue Agur from France. I guess the fact they only have to come across the Channel rather than 20 hours of flying time keeps the price down. I have felt it my duty to eat a pork pie & a cornish pasty if they have come my way (but I have not had a whole one of either). As for exotic British cuisine, the Poms really do know how to do a pie. And we DID have fish'n'chips because you just HAVE to do that, don't you? Again, Steve & I shared. And of course, as an ice-cream conoisseur, it would be criminal of me to go home without at least one tub of Ben & Jerry's under my belt, don't you agree? So, while I don't feel I have put on a massive amount of weight, it is probably best that we are leaving today as things could get ugly.
Talking of ugly, we had our shopping trip yesterday but caught the bus into town - the bus that goes through the council estates. Hell's bells. Talk about trashing your pad! There were broken windows, boarded up doorways, rubbish lying about... A lady of about 65 got on board with a diamante studded ring through her right nostril! A couple of loons were singing in the back seat... It made for a exotic ride into town! We checked out Harvey Nicholls (just to look & fondle precious things, never to buy!!), Selfridges (where we saw a mobile phone for sale for 27,000 pounds!), Boots, Marks & Spencers (where I bought enough undies to put me into excess luggage territory) & Waterstone's books where Steve was in heaven. There were some amazing things to buy (if you were cashed up ++) but there is nothing like wearing a pair of lace-up hiking shoes to detract you from trying on clothes when it takes 20 mins to take them off & put them on again! Besides, now that I've discovered my feet are a size bigger, I dare not try anything for fear of rejection :o(
Right-o. Enough from me. We are flying home tonight so will say Adieu for now. I might try to blog from Narita airport where we have a six-hour stopover but if not, will see you next week!
Thanks for all your comments! Swell, did you meet Elton? (Swell lives in Darwin & Elton was playing there last night...)
Cross your fingers for a bulkhead seat (or an upgrade!) for us for our flight home! I have already started crossing my fingers.

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