18 May 2008

Sayonara ぃttぇちぇrrybぉっそms!

Hi readers!
Here I am @ the Yahoo Cafe @ Narita Airport, trying to use a very unfamiliar Japanese keyboard & all sorts of funny & strange things keep happening as I type (ie my English turns to Japanese). We have just been into the shower rooms for a wonderful shower in the tiniest cubicle of all time but it feels So Good to be clean - even though our clothes are a bit pongy. The flight over was brilliant - again. Another bulkhead seat (ie loads of legroom) & yummy food & great service. Apparently, we are sitting up in the 'bubble' of our next flight to Australia tonight @ 9.30pm. So, we have about 6 hours to hang about here but there are plenty of posh shops to browse in, Japanese restaurants to possibly try & people to look at.
By the way, the title of today's post is supposed to be, 'Sayonara Cherry Blossoms' but for some reason, I can't get the word Sayonara to write in Japanese? Possibly a major typo on my part!
Narita Airport is so tidy & organised. I forgot to mention it earlier but every single person who comes to the airport has to go through security (like a border patrol) & show ID. Yep, even if you are dropping someone off... You get your irises scanned & are fingerprinted @ Customs & they monitor your temp too so that if you are too hot (& I know a few of you ARE) you get pulled in to the health clinic for a check-up! I kind of like it here & would like to come back for a longer visit. Mum, are you interested in coming with me? You'd love it!
Okay, this keyboard is making me めんたl! (that's 'mental' in Japanese for you). See you later!

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Zelda said...

Welcome home Tipsy Travellers, Weary Wanderers, Jaded Journeymen, whatever .. hope your bulkhead seats up in the bubble proved (almost) as good as being Real Live Business Class. Have absolutely loved your blogs and pics. They made staying home more bearable. So now ... on to next plan: Jen and Mum's Nipponese Adventures. Be sure to keep us posted!