01 June 2008

Big Sunday

Hi Readers! I am feeling Very FULL of Myself today as I won my first ever medal! Small things & small minds & all of that but it's a major event for me. I have never won anything for sport before - in fact for anything really though in 6th class I won the complete works of Shakespeare for making a lovely poster for the Montreal Olympics for the school librarian... Anyway, today I ran 10kms & also got a PB (personal best) by running it in 54mins! I was so exhausted at the end but then I saw the finish line & I saw the digital numbers on the top & realised I could beat my best time so I legged it & came in like a wild thing. It almost made me vomit... So, I am very pleased with myself, if not a bit achy & stiff!

This is what I was doing last night - my prep for the big race! Steve & I went to a 50th birthday retro night. He was the mad professor (minus pipe & specs) & I was the hippy student - or something
like that. It was fun but I was ready for bed at 8.30pm! I couldn't even keep up with the aged partygoers! What a dud.

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