29 May 2008

Rainy Day Blisters

Thursday evening in Brisbane & the town has gone mad! "Why?" I hear you ask. Because twenty drops of rain have fallenl!!! It seems that SE Queenslanders go doo-lally when the road gets wet & now the city centre is in lockdown as everyone heads home from work. I know this because I have just been there, trying to find my bus stop that has been moved to a new location, somewhere in the city. Tonight was not the night to try & find Stop 36 as the rain fell, the umbrellas poked eyes & my new shoe worked its magic forming a lovely blister on my foot. I just want to be at home under the covers with my electric blanket on. I have been up since 4.30am, when I went running, and my eyes are all pink rimmed. Here is a photo of Ritzy. Ritzy is my co-worker's "pet" & here he is down at the yacht club helping with the ropes for their boat. He's clever isn't he? Needless to say, I love working with Carolyn. She's just about as nutty as me... We are both sitting here waiting for her husband (aka Knight in Shining Armour) to drive us home (he is stuck in traffic) and while we wait, we are eating white chocolate coated raspberry bullets. They are sooo good. Who needs nutritious vegetables at 6pm? Pooo.

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