18 June 2008

Mushroom soup

Hi readers... just enjoying the aroma of simmering homemade mushroom soup on the stove while I wait for Steve-o to come home from an afternoon with a very grumpy surgeon. The rain is pitter-pattering outside & all is good. Here is a photo of my friend Jenny in Austin's two girls, Rowan and Finlay, having fun on the ranch in Texas. Speaking of Texas, Steve-o has me hooked in to "Lonesome Dove" for crying out loud! I can't decide if I love it or hate it. It reminds me of working at Texas Orthopedics. I am well over the macho-ness & the violence but in a strange way, I am hooked... Arrghh. It makes me crazy that I want to watch it. I am torn between it and the Jane Austen Sunday night movie marathon. How can I flit so easy between cowboys on horses & gentlemen in carriages?

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