20 June 2008

Friday afternoon delights

I am here at work listening to the sound of the vacuum cleaner in the corridor & watching the sky turn black outside with an approaching storm. Spick & I are completely exhausted after a big couple of weeks of plastic surgery. We told the boss yesterday that we didn't want to burn him out whereupon he told us it was too late & could we not see the smoke emanating from his body? This is our boss... well, okay, maybe not but I'll pretend.

The boob job patient who was in last week, telling me that she had hopes her daughter would aspire to something better than a medical secretary, was in today, requesting medical certificates etc & it gave me great delight to announce that sort of work was beyond my capabilities... Is that what being smug is about? Hmmm, I think I like it! Of course, she didn't hear me say it as she was in another room, but the effect was there. Five days of plastic surgery patients is my capacity. Time to go home & kick up my heels.Thank goodness it's the weekend now. I am planning a little run, baking cupcakes with Steve's grand-daughter Jessica (who is VERY EXCITED as she has her first wobbly tooth) & tonight, watching the last episode of that bloody "Lonesome Dove" mini-series, which I am loving to hate/hating to love....

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, your wonderful boss was telling someone upstairs the other day how he had the monopoly on fabulous medical secretaries!!Of course, knowing the sour puss I have at my work makes me inclined to agree with him...that and the fact that when I am at work I am always running down 5 flights of stairs to have lunch with you two instead of basking in the delightful company of the girls at my own work place! Have fun with Miss Jessica making cupcakes. x