13 July 2008


What do you call the complete frustration with technology that evolves when you are trying to upload a slideshow from Picasa to some sort of !@#$%^& web album to enable you to then upload it to Blogger so that your buddies can see your photos and then, when you've spent .. like, 2 hours on it, the result is that 1/2 the photos come out as little squares with question marks in them? Where are the photos?  Why are they not visible?  Arrrrgggghhhhh!  I can't take it any more! Goodbye cruel world....  :o(  Honestly, I just can't tolerate it.  It's all the more frustrating because it makes No Rational Sense at all.  It happens day after day with one thing or another. There must be a name for it.  I would consider it some kind of psychological trauma so will be sure to quiz the next psychiatrist I meet about whether the condition has been formally identified & documented.  I would make a super subject for examination... So, what I've been trying to do is put together a slide show of photos of my dad, Frank, who died two years ago this week (from Too Much Smoking!).  I do miss him, which surprises me, because we did lose touch of each other when his drinking dominated his life.  I guess what I miss the most is the closeness we had when I was younger & the missed opportunities we had when I was older.  However, there is nothing I can do about it now but try to concentrate on the good things about him & put the bad things away.  He was only human, after all.  I went for a run today & tried to run 14kms but couldn't.  I pulled out after one loop of seven kilometres.  I was exhausted.  Luckily my shoes were not giving me too much jip today - I've taken those inner soles out & just tightened up my laces (do my readers really, really give a toss about my shoes?) Dinner at Montrachet with the boss on Friday night was magnificent.  We drank delicious pink champagne from the Remy Galichet vineyards in Bouzy, France (ideal name for a town eh?)  I was a little bit of a ... PIG when it came to the cheese platter at the end of the night.  Oh My Gosh!  Such delicious fromage!  I forgot that anyone else was there & hooked in like a sow at the trough.  Oink, oink, oink.  It may actually be partially the reason why I couldn't run today.  I felt so heavy!   Okay, check out the slideshow.  I think that if you click on the little blue square with the question mark in it, you can open the photo - but then again, probably NOT because why would it be that simple??  Happy Bastille Day to all.  Au Revoir! 

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Anonymous said...

Jen Jen Jen!!! How can a supreme athlete such as yourself be so doubtful about your capabilities. For starters, 7km is a great effort. Secondly, taking the inner soles out seems like a good idea. Thirdly, Frank scored big time with a daughter like you. Lastly, all your readers need to do is click on the slide show photo and it will cleverly materialise into a larger snap show with no probs. Ok then luv, that's all todays probs sorted. x