10 July 2008

Killer scarves

Hi folks!
Today was a revelation. I was wearing a flimsy, silky little scarf, a fave that I picked up at Marks'n'Spencer a few years ago. Mr Specimen dropped in to pick up ... derrrr ... specimens ... & brought up the tragic topic of Isadora Duncan. Did you know? Oh gosh! It's so sad! She was killed by her billowing, wafting, extremely long scarf. And that wasn't the worst of it - the Death by Scarf was the end of a horribly sad life. Check out her profile on Wikipedia. Her life was like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Poor woman. So, I tied my scarf a bit closer to my neck and avoided convertibles today.


swell said...

What???? No more Thelma and Louise escapades down the coast?

Where are those photos??? You must put a photo on your GOOD MORNING LA SALLA! blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
The slide show is wonderful. I hope you have framed the beautiful one of a newborn Jen with Frank. Also the one of you and Hugh in your scarves is a treat! Have been madly cooking here so will bring you and spick some slice tomorrow. Have you been practicing your Abba songs for Mamma Mia?? x