07 July 2008

More, more, more

How much more of ME, ME, ME can you all take? Me and my gloating, gloating, gloating. However, despite it all, I am feeling a bit disappointed in my result. I know, I know.... I just had hoped to get this run done in about 2hrs 5 minutes and I didn't so I feel a tiny bit like I flunked. It's a hangover from my youth probably but it is, unfortunately, taking the shine off any elation I have. I am just going to have to run again next year and get a much better time. So, if you are interested, I checked my results again tonight & they've fixed the problem & now my time is actually one second better than I expected! I came 4397th out of a total of 6848 runners, which initially disappointed me but then I realised there were probably lots of men running. I came 1711th of the women (but I can't work out how many women were running!) & I came 246th in my age category. Steve's just had me feeling a five kilogram bag of dog food & now I think I need to dump 5kgs of weight to help me run faster.

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