09 July 2008

Endorphin chemistry

Well, I feel Much Better today. I am o.v.e.r my doldrums. I don't actually have any idea why I felt so down about my run yesterday & I can only think that I was over-tired & experiencing some sort of chemical imbalance brought about by a rush of endorphins suddenly imploding in my cerebral cortex. What do you think? Maybe I should write a paper & have it published in "The Lancet"?
Today was my Day Off & I had a lovely, busy time. The day started with a haircut with Ms M but as I am busy growing it out, there was not too much to snip. Luckily for Ms M she has fab jewels for sale (& On Sale) 'cos I spent my dosh in that department & bought myself some stupendous diamante hoops that I think I will wear on Friday night when my wonderful boss takes us to "Montrachet" for dinner for Spick's big Five-Oh birthday bash. I then went running! Yesssss.... completely nutso! My thighs were squealing with frustration at having to run along the river for five kilometres but I told them to "be quiet" & we plugged on. If I am going to do another 1/2 marathon at Noosa at the end of August, I need to recover quickly & get back into it. Currently, I am a hobbling wreck that looks like she's been attacked with a cheese grater!
After running, I took my smelly body over to my friend Hel's place & we went for a coffee at a cute little place in Ascot called "Vanilla Pod" where her little boy Morgan accidentally tipped his hot chocolate over the table & into my handbag. Oh dear...! :o( I think I found a marshmallow in my wallet! Then I decided to check out Chermside. OhMyGod! That place is exhausting... It's so big! There are so many people! There were lots of sales however & I bought two new tops, reduced by about 70%. Yippee! I love a bargain. Now I am home, waiting for my beloved who has spent the last 11 hours putting patients to sleep & is still about 1.5 hours away from home. Poor darling... He is a bit "over" anaesthetics. It bores him stupid. He would prefer to be tending a veggie patch. Can't wait to take him on his birthday trip in September & give him a Jolly Old Time.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, you reached the 8:30pm timeslot with that comment about giving Steve-o a jolly good time!! See you at work later...what date is C's actual 5-0? x