24 July 2008

Dr Jab & Co.

Hi readers
Before I start moaning about my lost Running Mojo, I need to tell you that I found another sensational chocolate shop on Albert Street in Brisbane this week: The Blue Cat. OhMyGosh! What a fantastic selection of yummy chocolate! So, on to the misery - my running has fallen right off the face of the earth lately. Arrrgh! I have been going to the physio every week recently & am all stiff and tight in the hips, which everyone told me would happen. I heard it over'n'over about how bad running is for your body & I just blew it all off - but now it seems it may be partly true... I am really uncomfortable & am going to have to take a back seat (almost literally) for a few weeks while I try to build up my core strength. Boohisssss. Enough of that misery. Today was almost surreal at the office. The cosmetic physician (shall we call her Dr Jab?) was in, as was the product rep & for about one hour, I was the only person of five, in a small space on Wickham Tce NOT interested in being Botoxed, peeled or filled! I felt a bit of a freak!. To be honest, and I am not one to love myself, I can't actually think of anything I need done. Sorry but I am quite happy with the way I look. Amazing, isn't it? I even love my grey hairs! I have to tell you about my very funny friend Mrs G. When she is stressed, as she is currently no thanks to her naughty 15 year-old son, she bakes. She bakes and she bakes and she bakes. She bakes pies, slices, tarts... She is a regular Betty Crocker generator. Her pastry is awesome. She is wasted, in my opinion, on her family & friends and she be put to work on a shearing station or as a boarding mistress. It would suit her perfectly. That was her smart little comment about wanting meat for her pies. It's pouring with rain outside - yummy - and I am baking mouse-kaka (moussaka) for our dinner. Lil is perched up on her new, gigantic dog bed & I am watching trashy telly while I wait for the Love Puppet to get home. Cheerio!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, are you inspired by recent tour de france? maybe cycling could be less impact on those hips? altho prob more dangerous?? maybe not, bad suggestion!! stick to terra firma! Another suggestion could be sleeping in on sundays, very little impact on the body! Also you should be very happy with your exterior coat.... You are GORGEOUS baby!! no need for any chemicals or injections!! leigh xo