26 July 2008

Yum! Yum!

Lil has a new bed!  She is really the Queen at Empress Terrace now.  What a life that dog has. When will she learn to bake chocolate chip cookies or cook a lamb roast for crying out loud?!  I am going to try out this cookie recipe.  Swell, are you in on it?  I know how you like a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  The Queen is bugging me monstrously right now because she wants a walk. She has been a complete psycho all day.  She is so demanding.  What a DIVA!
Speaking of yummy food, today I ate 1/2 of The Most Fantastic Meat Pie of my entire Life.  It was baked by Mrs G, who bakes best and a lot when she is stressed, as she is now with a naughty-ish 15 year-old son.  It was so tasty, so delicious, so scrumptious...  I can still remember the taste of the buttery crust, the chunks of tasty lamb, the juicy mushrooms.... WOW!  Mrs G, you sure can bake, honey!  We went to a 50th birthday yesterday where the birthday person received personalised number plates from his beloved with this written on them:  'BUM DR'   Groan :o(  Did you see Nicole and Keith's new love pad? I LOVE it!  How can I buy this house before they settle on it?  It needs to be MY new pad.  It's in the Southern Highlands of NSW, about 2 hours drive from Sydney.  Okay, okay, a long commute from Brisbane but possibly I could work from home? 

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swell said...

yum yum
dr bum
nicole and keith are having fun

chocolate chips
no skinny dips
i think I'd rather have big hips