15 August 2008

A bad place

I am in a Bad Place....  I am 100% sure I have just bitten the head off a Haigh's chocolate peppermint frog, but I cannot find the body of the frog now that I want to keep eating it. Where IS it?  
What will happen is that it's torso will sit wherever I put it, melting away gently, until I find it in about three days, all melted and yukky.  Typical.  I am so terrible in my blogging ways. So long between blogs!  I get my mojo up & running & then it fades again...  Speaking of mojos, I am reading a fictional (of course) continuation of "Pride & Prejudice" called "Mr Darcy takes a Wife".  Oh! It is So Saucy!  I can't ever look at Colin Firth quite the same way again!  I think Jane Austen would be positively spinning in her grave at the smut in this book - it's rather fabulous!  Who'd have thought Mr Darcy would have such a ....?  Oh well, you'll just have to read it.  My skin is like a lizard's right now.  
All wrinkly & scaly.  When will summer come?  We booked ourselves a flat at Sunshine Beach for Christmas this year & can't wait to be by the Seaside for a few days.  I feel an urge to purchase a new barbie as our old one keeps wanting to explode - or at least, it makes potentially explosive sounds so needs to be replaced.  This all points to a Major Requirement for Spring to Sprung.  I meant to put a photo of my friend Leigh's new baby, but I don't have one.  She is so adorable though.  I have four other friends having babies soon so this little blog will become quite the Nursery I'm afraid.  Time for me to hit the hay.  So tired...  The patients, while I love them, are completely exhausting.  Honestly, what a bunch of loons.  

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