19 September 2008

Toot! Toot!

Here we are at St Pancras Station waiting to board our train to Paris. Despite all we've heard regarding the disrupted trains, we are on the same train as booked. In fact, everything is going So Smoothly that we can't quite believe it. I slept for a large chunk of the second leg, thank goodness (& thanks to drugs - legal ones!) & when we got off at Heathrow at 5.30am, no-one was about, our luggage came straight out & we only had to wait about 4 mins for the Tube that took us, on the Piccadilly Line, straight to St P! I will take the time right now to tell you I am using a tiny little computer & hence making atrocious typos all over the place as my fingers hit all the wrong keys. That is my explanation & I am sticking to it. So, in the past 30 hours or so, we have travelled through four continents. Steve is depressing himself by reading about the sharemarket & reminding me that we will probably never be on h0lidays again... What a party pooper. He is reading "The Telegraph" & I have a mind to toss it in the trash!

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