17 September 2008

The penultimate day

Hello readers
Well, I've been tossing & turning since 4.30am, suddenly having developed a fear that we are due to fly out TODAY.  However, I am reassuring myself that I have the right day (tomorrow) & all will be well.  Have renamed the blog, temporarily, in light of our imminent French sojourn but have also woken up this morning feeling like.... a fat, drunken pig, which is not conducive to a good French holiday.  This is NOT the time to decide to watch my diet & stop drinking.  Dammit.  
Am off to the hairdresser for a 6.30am to get my "do" sorted as those nearest & dearest to me, in their brutal honesty, have declared my current style to make me look "middle-aged" (qu'el horreur!) which is exactly NOT how I want to feel, with my 45th birthday less than a week away. It calls for an Emergency Summit with Mme LaSalla.  Adieu!  


Peter Williams said...

Have a great trip Jen (AND STEVE!)//Peter

Ray said...

Hey Jens,

Popping in to spy. Let me know if you're closer than merely the same hemisphere. Bon voyage.


Susan Buret said...

Bonnes Anniversaires Jen and Steve . Gros bisses Faye, Susan & Monsieur Pino. Not sure if there are enough es and ss in this but it a long time since I wrote en francais.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Jen. Have a great trip! I thought you were late 30's - you are one hot soon-to-be 45 year old! xxx Amy B.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen
Have been baking again....hope you two have a wonderful hol together. Ask....no tell... Steve you want to visit the RO in France (as I said to you on the phone last night..Perfect timing with your Mum and Hugh there. Jen, thanks for everything you wonderful young chick. See you in a couple of weeks. xx