06 October 2008

Home on the range... or IN the range?

Hello readers
Here were are, back in Bardon, cooking away in the heat of Brisbane.  It is so hot & so dry here. What is worse is that we have just eaten the very last truffle from Hans de Groote-Raes that we bought in Iepers & we are quite distraught.  That chocolate was absolutely magnificent & I have emailed them to see if they ship internationally.  I already know the answer I'm afraid & it's All Bad :o( I had heard that Belgium was THE place for chocolate but I didn't buy enough, after being almost chocolate celibate for the two weeks we were in France!  Curses @#$%^&* 
So, since we have been back, besides trying to stay awake, I have been inundated with fantastic photos.  Firstly, the biggest shock of all was that my mother Diana & my brother Hugh spent their first day in Paris backstage at the Collette Dinnigan fashion show at Paris Fashion Week! How did this happen? I hear you ask... I asked the very same question myself.  My brother was contacted by his news buddies & asked to cover the show for Channel 9 and, as he had my mother in tow, she went along for the ride & met Collette & saw the models, whom she described as "slightly emaciated".  Go mum!  Mum was hilarious trying to describe to me what she wore to the show - in other words, her travelling non-crush clothes.  That's mum that you can see in the reflection of the mirror, and Hugh in the right corner, probably ogling like a typical boy.
Hugh can always be counted on to provide some out-of-the-blue highly "appropriate to that city" adventure when you travel with him - or even if you don't.  About 14 years ago, he called me from Afghanistan at 4am & I spent 10 minutes chatting to a mujahideen about goodness knows what.  
Here now is a photo of my beautiful and smart god-daughter Alana with her parents at her Year 12 formal.  Isn't she gorgeous?  She is sitting her HSC exams in a couple of weeks & then wants to do physio or something similar in allied health at uni next year.  I am so proud of her.
I love to get a photo or two & I have been lucky to have been bombarded this week. Here is little Zoe Cox. Remember her from about 6 weeks ago? Well, she has grown so much & she is turning out just like her dad.  I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.  Time is so precious...  I remember Alana when she was just 8 months old, as bald as a badger & just as beautiful.  It is shocking to me how fast time has passed & in a way, I am a bit sad to imagine her not being the little girl she once was but a young woman about to embark on the next chapter of her life.  Imagine how hopeless I'd be if she were MY daughter!  
And here are Leigh & Zoe and it seems like just a week or so ago, I was visiting Leigh in hospital & now look at this baby!  It happens so fast.  Look at those chops will you?  How gorgeous...  You parents are so, so, so lucky.  Imagine.  And then of course, this weekend I am going to visit my friends Ange & Russell who have also just had a baby girl called Yvette, so more photos for the blog, of course.  That and the wedding we are going to on Sunday.  
Speaking of parents, here is my cousin John with his little boy Dove, who is two and bit years olf. They live in LA & even though I am absolutely exhausted from my flight, I would jump on a plane again tomorrow to the US to visit them & all my cousins if I could.  I miss them so much. 
Obviously, you will all be thinking I am delusional with exhaustion but I'm not. I am just feeling a little .... reflective.  How does that sound?  I hope this is not boring you.  And if it is, too bad! Visiting Uncle Dugald possibly made me think about Life and how precious it is & how easy it is to become embroiled in work & money & worries and not spend enough time Smelling the Roses.  This is pretty rich coming from me because I am Very Bad about stressing out over my lack of time.  I have my final project for my Practice Manager's course due on 3 November & already I am stressing out a bit & I've only been back from holidays ONE DAY!  Time to Get a Grip, right?  Okay, I have to crash.  I am completely stuffed.  Good night!  Au revoir!  
PS:  worst of all, LillyPilly the dog wants to move in with her pal Albert.  She is moping about the house, carrying on like a drama queen because she is missing her four-legged boyfriend with whom she has bunked up while we've been away.  I fear life is a little dull around here with nothing to chase except the possums.  

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