12 October 2008

Owls, pussycats, wedding cake & aching feet

Hi readers
Steve & I have just been to the beautiful wedding of our friends Derwin & Debra.  It was really romantic, although a few of the men there thought it was hilarious to be completely UNromatic,  just to make some of us despair of them totally.  Why can men not handle romance?  They are like frightened rabbits in the headlights.  One of the poems Derwin recited today was The Owl and The Pussycat, which I thought was completely lovely and appropriate to these two.
One guest confessed that he had gotten married after eight years when the tax laws changed & he could no longer "write off" his lady friend as his housekeeper.  Ho, ho, ho.  A typical male reaction to romantic gestures shown by a fellow XY...  Debra looked completely gorgeous in this beautiful blue frock and wore the most FANTASTIC shoes which all of us girls were envying, despite the fact they were probably agony to wear.  She had a great pair of legs too which helped.  Unlike my mangled pins that still bear scabs from several attacks by the pedals of my bike in France.  Steve says I look like I've been mauled by a small fluffy dog.

We have known Debra and Derwin for about nine years and love them dearly so it was wonderful to be involved in their special day.  They are off to Fiji tomorrow for a VERY romantic honeymoon on a remote island.  Sounds blissful, as Brisbane currently is very steamy and damp and everyone is miserable about the share market.  

Here we are - the loved up couple.  Steve felt an urge to pick up the bouquet but we were not around when it was time to be thrown.  My shoes were killing me too, I have to tell you.  I went for my first run in three weeks this morning & ended up running 12km.  Needless to say, I felt completely revolting, both during the run and after.  It was like I'd never run before and this was my first effort!  I was like a woman let out of an iron lung after 20 years.  Horrible and extremely disappointing.  I am truly shocked at how quickly one's fitness level deteriorates.  I will never, never travel again without taking my running shoes.  Lesson Number One.  
PS:  water and dry crackers for dinner.  Thank goodness I had a dress with no waistband!  

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