13 November 2008

Early morning Outrage!

Oh readers....
How could I have gotten to the ripe & luscious age of 45 & continue to be so naive?  Today, whilst browsing through my credit card bill & coming to terms with the fact that I actually have to pay that three-digit amount at the bottom, I saw that the Hotel Buci in St Germain have charged me 54 Euros & The Only Thing It Can Be is Claude's postage!  We did not spend one extra jot at that hotel because it had already been a bit of a treat.  For those readers who missed this installment, it basically revolves around Claude the Wonder Dog being left entangled in the bed sheets in Paris while Steve & I caught the train to Burgundy.  I had called the hotel to ask them if they could post Claude to me & in my utter, blissful naivety, I ASSUMED they would post it for free!  Or for a small charge - not $97.65 (as converted)!!  It's an absolute O.U.T.R.A.G.E I tell you!  And so is the French postal service, because if that truly was the cost to put Claude in a cardboard box & mail him 250kms, it took a week for him to arrive!  I need chocolate to recover...  Gulp :o(

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