16 November 2008

Is it wrong to...

... recycle one's tea bag?  I need to hold a poll or referendum.  My brother Hugh brought me back some M&S free-trade Earl Grey tea-bags & they are Justify Fullabsolutely delicious, but as I like my tea very weak, I feel I should try to get two cups out of each bag.  What do you think?  Is it Very Wrong? I can assume in advance that those hard core tea drinkers will be horrified!  Why can't we have Marks & Spencer here?  Boo hisss... He also brought back their Christmas catalogue & you should see the yummy food you can just buy off the shelf & pop in the oven!  I am particularly enamoured by the Oak Smoked Suffolk Glazed Gammon Joint (even though I am not quite sure what a gammon joint is) & have been fantasising about a cold gammon sandwich on Boxing Day.  Steve almost required suctioning when I showed him the catalogue.  I could hear him salivating with every page turned.   This is a pic of me & my slightly puffed up post-op face with Yvette Miles, a baby who looks like she should have been found under a petal in the back of the garden. She looks very angelic but apparently, she is quite a handful, refusing to sleep unless serenaded by the sound of the vacuum cleaner.  I can assure you now that I am certain I NEVER had that problem myself! 
A thunderstorm is about to hit & the atmosphere around here right now is that of a perfect, sultry, Sunday afternoon.  Tim the cat is sitting on the desk here with his tail flicking, while lightning & distant thunder enervate the garden.  It has been sweltering today but it's all worth it now.  I love this!  I hope Brian the Gnome doesn't mind getting a bit wet!  Yes folks, today I acquired my Very First Garden Gnome.  I have secretly harvested a strong desire to have a gnome I could call my own, so this morning at the garden centre, when I saw this little fellow & his cheery face, I couldn't resist.  The salesperson told me his name was "Brian", which sealed the deal.  He had a little buddy called "Craig" and I felt concerned about separating them but the garden centre staff assured me Craig would get over it.  Here here is. Isn't he handsome?  I wonder if he would enjoy travel....?  We have all heard tales of garden gnomes seeing the world & sending postcards home to their owners.  He is quite light weight so would be easy to manoeuvre.
By the way, can you believe how many hits my blog has had?  Initially, I thought it was just ME, checking in too often, but I forced myself to stay away from the blog for a few days and now I'm heading for sixty hits!  Wow!  I think this may be good for my ego.... :o) Just hope I can keep this blog worthy of your visit.  See?  Performance anxiety. Need to Get Over That! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I love reading your blog, and am not suprised that you have a following! You are looking gorgeous with a full set of teeth too! Talk to you soon xox Leigh

Jem said...

I'd like to join the tea bag debate and say that I think it is perfectly fine to use a tea bag twice. I also agree with sharing a tea bag.