20 November 2008

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle...

Oh dear readers... it's wet, wet, wet around here. Last night we were exposed to 21cm of rain in about 5 hours which, as you can imagine, caused quite a bit of chaos. Our backyard was under about 5cm of water as the drain in the back patio can't cope & instead of draining, it spews water & debris INTO our garden! The gutters can't cope either so we awoke to that dreaded dripping sound at 1.30pm to find the kitchen under about 1cm of water. The point of entry is our window frame where the water was just pouring in. We put our bread bin there to catch it but it was about 10cm deep within 20 minutes! I have NEVER seen rain like this. It was absolutely torrential. It was actually quite frightening because the water comes in so fast! This morning we became aware of the damage when we walked down to the creek which is normally a trickle and is now a raging, 50 metre wide torrent, tearing up trees and taking everything with it (including, apparently, a person). The speed and ferocity of the water levels has really surprised us. I don't think you can ever really appreciate its power until you see it. They are forecasting another storm tonight and I am dreading it... This picture above is in the Inner City Bypass.

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