19 November 2008

The tooth fairy came!

Hi readers
Just wanted to write it and R.A.V.E that I am a new person now that I have my tooth back in. It's a tenuous love affair that we're currently having, the fang and I, but I can't believe how much it has cheered me up.  I really had no concept what an impact being a Toothless Hag had on my psyche.  So, on to other news.  I am currently reading one of my favourite authors, Alexander McCall Smith.  It's his latest offering from the "44 Scotland Street" series but ... oh dear!  I am finding it a tiny bit of a hard slog.  Something has happened.   The characters seem to have had their quirkiness replaced by .... well, how can I describe it? Hmmmm, let me see.  The book seems a little 'elitist' or, possibly a bit pompous?  I feel that I need to have read English at Oxford or possibly Advanced Psychological Analysis at Cambridge to be able to enjoy this book.  I have met Mr McCall Smith at a book reading (I even asked him a question, which I think he may have rolled his eyeballs at) & when I shook his hand, it was rather .... soft.  However, I do usually love the way he describes his characters and this book, "The Unbearable Lightness of Scones", continues with the same ones (Bertie, Cyril the dog with a gold tooth, Angus Lordie, Big Lou etc) but they feel a bit ... out of reach.  D'you know what I mean? Anyway, when the going gets too tough, I have this month's issue of "Vogue" to completely offset the former.  Time to go brush, floss & rinse!  Cheerio!   Oh Lord, I can hear a gecko murdering a moth up on the ceiling.... get me out of here.  It's such a hideous little noise, like winding a watch.

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swell said...

but what has become of Miss Harmony, Olive, Tofu an Larch?