26 November 2008

Overflowing fumes

Hi readers
Well, I can't begin to tell you how excited that my blog counter is into the triple figures - in just over one week!  Speaking of highlights, today I filled up the Cherry Tomato (my little red Suzuki) & when the pump stopped at $35, I shook the nozzle, had a little curse & kept my finger on the trigger and all that happened was that I squirted fuel all over my paint work, such was the shock of realising that I didn't need to spend $47 this time to fill the little beast.  The petrol prices have come down!  I am quite astounded that I've filled for $35.   Goes to show how easily we can become brainwashed by petrol prices.
My second cousin in Colorado, Dot, has sent me some fairy light photos.  Now, if you don't already know this about me, I am Fairy Light Mad!  I love those twinkling little coloured bulbs. They instil in me a sense of ... tranquility and "feel goodness".  They remind me of my nana & pop who always had coloured lights on their back patio when I was growing up.  Anyway, they make me Happy so I celebrate all aspects of Fairy Light-ness although I don't know if I could go as far as this.  The lady who owns this house in Colorado Springs is the minister at the local church.  

The angels' wings flap, apparently.  That's the great thing about Christmas - for me at least.  I know I should be getting all gooey about Peace on Earth & that stuff but really, what makes me goo is the lighting.  I could spend hours wandering the streets admiring the lighting displays.  It is so ... calming.  It really does trigger some kind of psychosomatic (??) reaction within me.  I can feel it with the downloading of these goofy snaps.  Does anyone else feel the same?  I think I will post a Christmas survey on this blog....

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