01 December 2008

Interim report

Hi readers!
Have just had a wonderful weekend away at Noosa with some girlfriends & have photos but..... need to have them "reviewed" by said friends prior to me posting them on the internet!  There is one involving a pillow fight in underwear that I have managed to enhance even though I don't have Photoshop.  Ohhhh, how I wish I did have Photoshop though....  It's the 1st December today so that means Fairy Lights can be put up!  Too bad about ironing, cooking dinner or even vacuuming.  My priorities have changed - first job tonight after work is the hanging of the lights, followed by erection of tree & application of baubles.  Speaking of Christmas, don't forget to join the voting on my poll (see right)!  I am interested to see the results and I can't keep being the only to vote, can I??  But wait.... I see that it is Very Hard to post a vote!  Why is that? Hmmmm... some of these Blogger elements are quite tricky.  I have removed the poll, adjusted it and reinstated it so we can start again.  Am I the only getting a jolly out this?

1 comment:

Jen said...

Carolyn is boycotting my Christmas poll because I haven't added "opening presents" or "snuggling with a Santa lookalike"...