10 December 2008

Will I make it through the next 2 weeks?

Something bizarre is going on in my little world & I believe it's due to over-stimulation, but not of the exciting kind.  Do you recall my disastrous truffle experience of the last post?  I went on to create guacamole & salsa savoury tarts for an event on Sunday afternoon but it wasn't until Steve bit into one to test it that we discovered I'd used sweet tart shells.  I am sure/certain/positive the label said "savoury".  So, that's absolutely IT!  I am asking Santa for a cord for my spectacles so they will be around my neck at all times.  Too bad if I look like a granny ... I am feeling like one & my mind is behaving like one already!  Even more bizarre is that I spoke to my mum the next night and, not only is she also missing her front tooth this Christmas like me (the same one too), she also stuffed up her salsa verde recipe by using green peppercorns rather than capers with mind-blowing (literally) results!  I am morphing into my mother!  Arrrrrgggghhhhh!  
Thank goodness I'm actually not too worried about that because my mum is beautiful and wonderful so I am happy to be like her.  Maybe I need to give her a cord for her glasses too... Further to my mentally deficient state, I have lost a plum pudding that my co-worker Span gave me. I recall receiving the item but now have absolutely NO IDEA where it is & it's not a small, unobtrusive object that one could accidentally slip into one's handbag.  And then yesterday, when Steve picked me up from work, I left a bag of Christmas shopping on the street & we got all the way home before I realised I didn't have it.  But Wait!  There's more...  I was obviously so exhausted on Monday night that I slept very heavily with my bangle on & have consequently given myself a radial nerve palsy of the right arm.  The sensation in my thumb & index finger are quite diminished.  My boss, when I quizzed him about it in a pathetic attempt to receive sympathy, just rolled his eyes. I'm afraid that I'm a repeat offender, having done it once before, many years ago, in the wake of a very jolly wedding south of Townsville.
Oh heck....  at this rate, I will never make it to holiday time in just nine days' time. Blerrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Meanwhile, it's back into the running & the quest for my mojo which I think I will find again, if I just push myself a little.  
Mystery of the Week:  walking the dog I found a torn open box of Nurofen Plus, two empty foils the pharmacy paper bag & the docket scattered across the road (not far from where I found the "Little Britain" DVD that had been pecked apart by the galahs - see post from about six months ago).  My inquisitive mind has been pondering over this urgent requirement for said pain-killers.  Any ideas?  I've never had such a bad headache that I've required 24 tablets at once! 
Happy Ending:  the bag of shopping was still sitting on the footpath when we got back there!


Anonymous said...

jen darling
an update on the nurofen plus. sad to say, it's commonly used by people with dependencies, in large doses. i know from experience, cuz a young relative of mine who says he suffers constant excruciating pain has become addicted to said drug, in quantities just as you describe. along with alcohol and ciggies. who knows what next?

Jen said...

oh dear... that's bad. i am sorry to hear that anonymous. sometimes i am so naive that i just can't imagine people destroying themselves like that...