11 December 2008

Midnight madness

So readers.... what's your theory on the following phenomenon? How many of you wake up in the middle of the night, possible for a pee or a glass of water or because you heard a sound, and find that you have a vivid, vivid thought in your head? Last night I woke up with the words, "Fibonacci curve" and "Vitruvian man" in my head & those words tumbled around and around until I finally went back to sleep. So the first thing I have done this morning is rush to the source of a lot of my wisdom, "Google", and see what comes up. I have the Vitruvian Man under control but where the heck did Fibonacci come from? I am obviously subliminally channelling Leonardo da Vinci who created a beautiful double-helix staircase in the Chateau Chambord (Loire Valley) based on the Fibonacci curve. The thing is, last night I was so exhausted that I could hardly put two words together so why have I suddenly become so tuned in to mathematical phenomenon? It must have been the mushrooms I ate for dinner...!


swellgal said...

I dreamt of a dog last night!
And then I dreamt of God?

I think we all know what that means

Anonymous said...

Dogs Playing Poker!!!