30 January 2009

The bright side..

Hi readers
Friday night, glass of wine, "10-minute recipes" book open on kitchen counter, sweat dripping.... Another end of the week in the Brisbane suburbs. Let's not forget the angst of technical challenges that comes with trying to embed a Youtube movie too...
So, I've decided the theme for today's post is the joy of Positive Thinking. We've spent the entire week here listening to the news (telly, radio, 'papers, websites) telling us how feral the economy is, how spending is down, how inflation is down, unemployment is up, everyone is losing their jobs, the economy hasn't been this bad since 1963 etc. It's downright disheartening! And here are Steve & I waiting, waiting, waiting for the offer on our house that just IS NOT coming, despite over 60 groups of people through in two weekends & with a hideously large mortgage hanging around the back door, waiting to be invited in.

Thank goodness for Monty Python, is all I can say. This should be a little ditty we listen to each morning, before we turn on the telly or face the newspapers. I mean, what can any of us do? Zero......  Meanwhile, the Lollipop with a Knot in It (Victoria Beckham) is happy to trudge about Beverly Hills with her hideous new handbag, encrusted with diamonds and supposedly worth 80,000 pounds!!  When is someone going to let her know the bag is U.G.L.Y?  In fact, she could have bought our house with that bag!! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
I think I might agree with that whole positive thinking idea of yours...Sam and Ali have had a good first week at their new school so maybe we've turned a positive corner...dare I think it. All will work out with the house etc and after Tuesday yoou will feel much calmer I am sure. I'm cooking little apple pies this weekend Jen just to keep the stress in check! x