02 February 2009

Who was No. 500 then?

Okay readers, which one of you clicked my blog counter over to the 500 mark?  I am Quite Thrilled that I've crossed that remarkable point - and will be even more excited when we make it into the four figures of 1000+.  Wow!  Can all those hits I am making really create such a result? Possibly I AM the only person looking at this blog because I will tell you that, for a lot of readers, there sure ain't a whole hell of a lot of comments.... I could almost imagine that I am hitting the "my favourites" tab too often each day!  Ha - in my defence, it's been at least three day since I checked out "The Daily Cookie", so there.  Tonight I am full of the joy of Family (again). This is because I am so relieved that we have SOLD our block of land (I know you probably can't see any correlation because neither can I!). It is unconditional, even as the doom-mongerers tell us that Australian real estate prices are set to crash by 10% and that Australia is headed down the same track as America.  This, as we still have a house to sell, that continues to repel potential buyers, despite an interest rate cut tomorrow by the Reserve Bank. Someone was to come through the house this afternoon, but didn't even show, which was quite disappointing as I'd gotten my hopes up after being reassured by the agent that we had a "Serious Buyer" as opposed to the 71st "tyre kicker"  to pass through the door.  Oh well.... what can you do? So, I am going to cheer things up by including a photo of my cousin Peter & his wife Lauren, taken at Barton Springs (I think) in Austin, Texas about 15 years ago.  It's one of my favourite photos of all time.  Don't they look happy?  Then, of course, I need to include this lovely one of Stephen & Diane that I also love..

And, because they are all brothers, here's a photo of the oldest brother, Jonathan & his wife Kim and baby Dove... 

So... can you see any family resemblances?  I am Very Fond of my cousins and love them like they were my brothers.  I think we are very close and I miss them terribly because they all live in America so I don't see them nearly as much as I'd like.  Maybe now that I am downsizing from Real Estate Tycoonism, I might be able to get to the US for a little visit... (dream, dream, dream....)  The last time I saw them was at dad's memorial service in June 2007, which is not really that long ago & thank goodness for Facebook, the internet and telephones.  They all have lovely teeth though, don't they?  It's a Williams Family tradition - to have big, teethy smiles. This is my brother Hugh, but he isn't smiling in this one.  

So, can you see any resemblances?  Our fathers are brothers.

And here I am with my artificially created smile.  Steve is busy harassing me to go back to my oral surgeon because I have bits of bone working their way out of my donor site, which is a little distressing because I've just about convinced myself that my mouth surgery is going really well - and possibly it is not?  It would be a terrible shame to have gone through all of this, only to find my bone graft has failed - again.  I will remain positive & continue to embrace the joy of the denture until 18 March, when I get my new implant - hooray! 
Crikey, this blog is just a tool for me to crap on about zero, isn't it?  At this rate, I don't foresee any best sellers sprouting forth.   Though, in the best seller vein, I am reading "People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks and finding it a challenging, yet fascinating read about Jews in the middle ages.  It's so interesting and a part of history that I have never bothered to investigate. Don't think I will make it through one page tonight though!  It's been an emotionally fraught day & I think I'm going to crash out.

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Anonymous said...

Jen your cousins are major hotties!! Of course there is family resemblence!!
Leigh xxo