14 January 2009


Yay!  Steve is home from grey, damp, freezing, icy, gloomy Manchester!  Hooray!  They need a dose of Lizard Island over there I think....  Anyway, I am so glad to see him back.  He looks fantastic, despite having spent the last week with his half deaf mother in a tiny walk-up in Salford.  Who'd have thought?  His mum hardly knows how to use the mircowave & here's Steve 'Skyping' me from the back bedroom on "stolen" internet time, thanks to a neighbour's unprotected WiFi.  He flew home business class on Emirates, thanks to frequent flyer points & has told me all about it & now I am green with envy.  He brought me home the menu - it had lobster, crab & prawns on it, for example!  And the vanity kit - hell's bells!  The photographer came by today to photograph our house as it's going on the market this weekend.  Meanwhile, we've had an offer on our land.  A completely pathetic offer I will add.  However, mum has stepped in & decided she wants to buy a 1/2 share in the block, which is pretty fab news really 'cos it's such a fantastic piece of land!  She's thinking she will build a house on it & move here. Hmm... of course, now I am freaking out wondering what the real estate agent will say when I withdraw the property from sale tomorrow.  For some reason, recently I am in some sort of hyperemotional state & can't stop worrying about what other people are thinking - even people I've never even met!!!  Someone help me please.  It's exhausting.

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Anonymous said...

Jen Jen Jen!!! You do what suits you, not what suits the real estate chick. If your Mum wants to have a 1/2 share then I say fabulous and forget what anyone else says. Will the real estate chick be a person of importance to you in few years??? I think not!! Now, you've taught 2 god daughters to be fine upstanding young women with minds of their own and full of confidence and they learned that from you Jen so take the land off the market and forget about the real estate chick. Here endeth the lesson!