12 January 2009


Yes, those were the first sounds to leave my lips this morning as I "leaped" out of bed.  I ache in every single joint...  :o(  AND I have another coat of oil to apply!! Plus, I was eyeing off the front landing & thinking I might give that a swish with the oil too.  I've become addicted!  It's a funny phenomenon that once you know you are putting your house on the market, you suddenly see all the things that have needed doing for the past year & what's more, you WANT to do them (sort of).  Once you start, you keep seeing more and more and more and....  I have to say S.T.O.P!  I'm also incredulous at how much clobber we've managed to gather over the years. Good grief! However, the "skip" out the front has been raided regularly by passers by & yesterday a nice young man and his dad took all our silky oak casement windows, which I'm pleased about as I wanted to them to go to a good home.  The general rule in suburbia seems to be that once you've placed an item on the grassy verge, where the wheelie bin goes, it means a "free for all" as at least two items that have purposely been placed there have disappeared.  So, the photographer is coming Wednesday & our first open house will be next weekend.  I am having fantasies that we'll sell in next weekend but of course, I realise that is exactly that - a fantasy.  Dr 90210 was as tragic as expected.  Everyone is always "so excited" to be having surgery & there is lots of hugging between the surgeon & his patients.  The Maggie Beer ice-cream prompted plenty of comment.  I am enjoying the quince!  It's kinda tangy.  My friend Swellgal, lives in Maningrida (a remote aboriginal community at the very top of Australia) and has two tubs in her 'fridge that she's had flown in (by private jet?  No, by twin-engine supply 'plane I think).  Why live rough when you're in the bush? is what I say. Thank goodness for eBay and Australia Post! 


swell said...

Oh Jen well done! Great map. Where did you find that?

Did you hear the news? Dr Rey's wife might be up the duffer, buns in the oven, That baby would weigh more than her!

Maybe you should oil your joints as well as the wood
(or did you say that already)

Anonymous said...

Hey Swell, the Reys decided to have that bun by having a table tennis game. Dr Rey wanted a bun and Mrs Rey didn't (she's just got her wonderful life back!)so they decided whoever won the table tennis game would get their wish!! Isn't that how all decisions are made..The episode ended with them skipping off to seal the deal.Susie