14 February 2009

Gettin' Creative

My friend Susan has come along & poured a dash of cold water over me today, in a manner of speaking.  All she did was send me a couple of emails but they've made quite an impact.  One was a YouTube video of Elizabeth Gilbert, the write of "Eat, Pray, Love", a book I have seen on the bookshelves but have not previously picked up.  In this video, Ms Gilbert discusses creativity and Susan tells me she thought of me when she saw the film.  I immediately watched it and can see why.  It's really gotten me questioning my level of creativity, which I've always suspected is pretty low, despite wishing it wasn't.  I know I am a "closet writer" and people have told me I should write, but I make all sorts of excuses to put it off, the main one being that I have nothing to write about.  Yawn...  I enjoy writing though.  I really do.  Even if I have nothing to say.  This blog is a special project of mine which brings me a lot of joy.  However, the whole time I'm blogging, my "devil" voice is telling me that I am boring & no-one wants to read my stuff & why am I clogging up the internet channels with my drivel.  So, thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert, I am going to evict that devil voice from my head & think about how much I ENJOY blogging.  Of course, I've gone out & bought the book now & have already made it to Chapter 2 and am thoroughly enjoying it.  I've also bought, "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running" by Haruki Murakami AND "La's Orchestra Saves the World", by one of my favourites, Alexander McCall Smith.  Okay, so I've spent a chunk of my pay check on books but why not, when I love reading?  Susan also sent me a link to a program by Blurb called "Book Smart" where you can create your own book on-line, then get it published/printed/bound etc.  It's quite an exciting concept & I've downloaded the program and started thinking about Getting Started on the Great Novel.  Okay, so I have No title, No story, No @#$%^ idea at all BUT at least my brain is ticking over.   That's a start! If Socks (the Clinton cat) can speak at the White House, I can write a book!  


swell said...

YOU write your till your tooshie is uncushie!
Please don't be so down on yourself
look at your blogger counter and smile!!!

Susan Buret said...

go Jen! I KNOW you can do it