18 February 2009

Wednesday's Joys

Wednesday decadence.....  Ohhhh, how I love my Every 2nd Wednesday Off!  It is truly the most glorious, wonderful, ecstatic experience.  I love it even more than a weekend, as on my Wednesday I am a.l.o.n.e to do whatever my heart desires.  Today, I started with some study of the sharemarket, which as much as I am keeping my mind open, I find rather confusing and difficult to grasp.  Following this, and the arrival of two different removalists to quote on getting us moved from this house to the next in just under three weeks (!!) I headed to the movies (hooray) to see "Rachel Getting Married" where I tucked in to a honeycomb choc-top.  I had no idea really what the film was about, other than to hear that Anne Hathaway excelled in her performance (indeed, she did).  It was a good, yet disturbing, film.  I don't know if it was intentional, but I found the hand-held camera and the chaotic wedding/music/guests to be completely overwhelming.  Possibly this was designed to give us a idea of the turbulence inside Kym's head (Hathaway's character).  Phew!   It took me straight back to Christmas and the emotional pressure cooker that is Family.  Needless to say, when I got outta there, I needed chocolate stat
& found this fabulous chocolate shop where I (further) indulged.  They even had macaroons, imported frozen from Paris with a one week life span.  Too indulgent for me today but at least I have somewhere to get my "fix" next time I feel an urge.  Now I am at home, tootling away on Blogger and in Picasa and generally exposing my soul to those at Google, all while I listen to "The Wailin' Jennys" sing one of my favourite songs. The only cloud on my horizon is the 60cm tall ironing pile that is lurking in my spare room..... SB, I am currently reading this book and LOVING it.  I love her writing style.  Thanks for tipping me off


Anonymous said...

re the hand-held camera chaos - you and David Stratton have something in common, luv!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I love your Blue glasses! You should use this photo on the dustcover of your first amazing novel! Hope you well and we'll catch up soon. xx leigh

Susan Buret said...

i am reading it too! Which Chocolate shop?