04 February 2009

Hoppy Days are here again...!

Not really.  All we are hearing is more DOOM!  I watched the prime minister on telly last night talking about his economic stimulus package but I didn't really understand why he was talking about spending, spending, spending money on schools & public housing when it seems to be that we are about to go into a deficit!  All I wanted him to tell me was how the mortgage will be fine & the economy is stable & everything is hunky dory.  So Kevin, I was not happy with your five minute spiel last night - and he looked a bit worried too, I must say.  I was awake at 3.40am today, doing the middle of the night hyperactive brain thing (which evaded me all through school exams, I will point out).  Now that the light of day has arrived, it doesn't seem so bad.  I'm sure we will sell our house eventually so I just need to sit tight.  If worse comes to worse, we can rent it for a while until things settle down.  The Reserve Bank dropped home interest rates to 3.25% yesterday, a 50-year low, so maybe that will bring punters out of the woodwork.  Meanwhile, I am concentrating on the lovely things in life, like the photos I post on my blog.  
And in a positive spin, I saw my false tooth surgeon again yesterday and it's back to the OR for me, to tidy up my graft and flap but also, to put in my implant!  This is Good News because it means I will have a nice tidy gum AND I won't have to have my implant done under local anaesthetic in the chair, which I have to say I was Not Looking Forward to.  It's not really going quite as well as would be expected but I am staying positive, as is the surgeon, so possibly after this second surgery I will be Back on Track.  Day off today (hooray) but off to dentist and bank manager :o(  

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