22 February 2009

The Terror of IKEA

I'm obviously of a mood to torment myself today because, after getting up at 4:30am this morning to run 10.5kms along fire trails, through puddles and up hills in the bush at Anstead, we headed off to IKEA.  OhMyGod.  We got there about 40mins after it had opened and the throngs of milling consumers, shuffling along in a line, winding our way through lounge rooms, shelving units and into home organisation was enough to make me completely bonkers.  I cannot believe how many people there were!  Why is everyone at IKEA?  I mean, seriously, about 1/3 of the city was there.  True!  And the store had not even been open an hour.....  Flat-pack heaven, obviously. I came away with one of those timber artist mannikins (something I've always coveted & is now mine for the happy sum of $5.95).  On an alternative note and bursting with familial pride, here is a video of my cousin's wife Diane, a makeup artist, doing Her Thing, possibly at NY Fashion Week (who would really know?) thanks to New York Magazine.

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swell said...

I grew up in IKEA....there have always been millions in every store, in every country, at any hour of the day
Just ask Liz...she is an IKEA nutter too

Have taken the day off for the Oscars...when can I break open the bubbly?