07 March 2009

The last weekend

Here I am, sipping a cup of rooibos tea on my last Saturday morning in our current house.  We move in 5 days so this weekend ahead of me will be spent getting five years of clobber together to move about 1.5km up the road, literally.  I am so looking forward to our new place although I feel a tiny bit sad to leave here.  Possibly because of its familiarity.  Change is always just a bit daunting isn't it?  Not that it's a major change or anything!  Crikey.  I remember when I sold a house & every single thing in it (at a traumatic garage sale) to move to Texas.  This is a walk in the park in comparison.  I woke up during the night to find a possum hanging off the open window.  I thought it was Tim the Cat & in my 1/2 asleep state, was about to put my hand out to catch him & prevent his fall when the possum looked right at me with those huge eyes, turned and leaped on to the garage roof & ran like billy-o.  I have No Idea what the marsupial was trying to do - possibly take a peek inside the house after years of trampling over the roof? However, luckily the possum was more alert than me or I'd probably be trying to pack boxes today with no fingers!  Speaking of fingers, I have a packet of Peanut Butter M&Ms, all the way from San Antonio where a hand surgeon friend was attending a meeting.  I'd heard about them & put in a request.  Hmmmm.... being a hard core peanut butter fan, I am finding them completely scrumptious & best rationed to five per day.  In fact, I might have today's ration now for breafast.
I have been doing the HighTech modern thing of having a face-to-face chat with a hot, culturally sensitive North American man I know who, whilst commenting on how much he enjoys my blog, also commented on my culturally INsensitive previous blog posting.  In it, I referred to myself as a person possibly deficient in cultural awareness, although I used different terminology.  It was this terminology that could be construed by culturally sensitive North American persons as perhaps being  a tad insensitive towards other members of society and for that I am Extremely Apologetic because, of course, that was not my intention at all!  I would be devastated to know that I may have alienated an entire portion of humanity (oh, that sounds dramatic...). The problem is, quite often what is said with major Love south of the Equator can occasionally mean something completely the opposite on the northern side - for example, "you are a big dag" or, "stop being such a Doris".  However, I am taking these comments to heart and I urge any of my faithful readers to let me know if I am crossing any boundaries of political incorrectness because that is truly not my intention.  As I've said before, writing this blog is a lesson in tact and diplomacy.  I have no idea who reads it and therefore, I need to consider what I write before I do.  There are many bloggers out there, I'm sure, who love to get a juicy, political, toxic argument up and running with comments flying across the stratosphere .... but not me.  Yawn.  

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