08 March 2009

Funny Running

Today was the International Women's Day fun run for breast cancer awareness at Southbank.  I ran in Team Tony with my co-worker Carolyn & a friend Cindy (see above). Tony's wife opted out of running by breaking her toe during a "downward dog" transitional yoga pose last week! It was a fun kind of run - five kilometres & very scenic, if not a bit crowded.  
A recurrent theme throughout the morning was that of pink fairies & this was best exemplified by the boys manning the drink station.  What a sight!  Previously burly men wearing pink tutus, melons down their fronts, lipstick and sparkly head pieces while they struggled to keep up supply to 6400 sweaty, thirsty women!  It was pretty hilarious but unfortunately, they were too busy to pose properly.

Anyway, now I am at home, trying to escape the entymologic onslaught of ants in my iPod and flies in my kitchen.  I know, I know - it's as easy as turning on the air conditioning but, in the interests of greenhouse gasses, I just can't bring myself to do so.  Not when the heat is not 100% unbearable & currently, it's only about 95% unbearable.  To add to my irritation, I have developed the dreaded summer cold.  I think I will just go jump in the shower & then take the dog to the park.  At least SHE will be happy.  
We have spent part of this weekend packing up our stuff for the move & the house is in a state of total K.A.O.S but this time next week, we'll be in & it will start getting exciting as we work out where to put what.   

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