22 March 2009

More moving in

Here I am with our herb garden... At least until we get digging in our huge back yard & start the veggie patch & all that stuff. I am even looking forward to it & I have completely pink fingers! I think I am looking forward to it so much because I can see that our garden has no hideyholes for snakes or creepy spiders. It's just grass, grass, grass...

This is the view from our front porch, which is currently covered in flattened boxes. We are planning what tree to plant in that there big square of grass, because it's just screaming for some vegetation.
Here's Tim, who has taken a shine to peeing into my Crocs.
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Anonymous said...

Wow Jen your house looks amazing!! Huge lounge room! I hope you are getting through all your unpacking. Steve looks very happy with his new kitchen! talk soon
Leigh xxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen and Steve
I suggest a Leopard Tree - beautiful to look at and a no roots in the pipes policy!! The houise looks great, and Stevie I see from that stove and oven that my cooking will no longer be needed or up to the mark! x

Anonymous said...

what about some crepe myrtles? Flowers in summer, colour in autumn and deciduous in winter.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I miss you and love your new digs. Can't wait to get more mobile (this requires some sleep) and come and visit. Looks big enough for one to babysit???????

Little Friend