22 March 2009

We're in!

Here we are in our new "maison" & fighting our way through the cardboard boxes & general disarray as we settle in. Steve is busy cooking up meatballs on our new stove top, which works just beautifully & even gets just as grubby!

We are slowly making our new house into a home & this was augmented yesterday by a brilliant find at Freedom furniture where we found our new sofa on sale! In fact, this sofa I am draped over is The One so once we'd put our deposit on it, I started to feel a bit proprietary about other shoppers sitting their arses on it! It will be delivered next week as once again, the Joy of The Sale comes to pass.

This is our front lounge room, where we will put the new sofa and also some of my dad's Danish furniture. The wall clock came with the house & we are pretty happy with it as it reminds us of the clock at the Musee d'Orsay, one of our favourite places! So, it's a little piece of Paris, I guess. Hmm, I blogged a few more photos but they didn't seem to arrive. Will try that again...

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