01 April 2009

Day Off Joy

Hi readers
First & foremost, I want to share this link with you so you can take 10 minutes to listen to some great music, composed & sung by my young friend Rachel (also house-sitter extraordinaire, fan of Tim the Cat, super-duper massage therapist & daughter of my co-worker).  In other words, (another) very talented young lady.  So, do yourself a favour & take a break from TripleM or B105...  Speaking of culture, I dragged Steve along to the French Film Festival closing night on Sunday.  Poor lamb (to the slaughter). I  thought he'd love it but instead, he went to sleep.  We saw "Shall We Kiss?" but obviously, that concept was far from his mind that night! 
The most romantic thing about the evening was the taste of the mini quiches, the French red wine & the IMPORTED MACAROONS!! You know how I feel about those things....  I was in paroxysms of joy, despite there being about 300 people in the foyer in a frenzy of La Vie Francais.  
This is my photo of the tiny lime and lavender macaroons that we had but as is evident, I was in no fit state to effectively photograph them, hence the blurriness.  Hmmm.... shame about that.
In other events, I have had my first two BCCs (basal cell carcinomas) excised by my plastic surgeon boss.  It's the only "work" I can get him to do for me!  In fact, it's the only work I want him to do for me!  I know some of you may be shocked at my blase attitude to skin cancer but I have to say that it's only been a matter of time, when I think about the baking I did in my youth, slathered in Hawaiian Tropic coconut oil with my white skin & blue eyes.  Here are some photos of recent events around the new home.  Steve with his grand-daughter Jess, me with my Tiny Friend's new baby Layla Rose, Leigh & Zoe....  

I have the day off today & while I love my job, I absolutely ADORE my day off each fortnight.  I really, really love it.  If only we could encourage our boss to do the same...  It would be very good for him, considering how hard he works & the long hours he does.  However, we haven't managed to convince him of its benefits yet.  He did have a 1/2 day off this Friday, but now has to do a massive surgery on someone so that's the end of that!  To be honest, I think you'd have to be stark raving mad to be a surgeon...  But, each to their own.  Let's put it this way - it's not my bag.  Anyway, I am loving my day off even more now that we're in our new house.  I am very, very happy here & can't stop pinching myself about how lucky I am to live in such a great house. We have started our veggie patch, which consists currently of tomatoes, capsicums and herbs (rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, parsley).  We discovered some little creature had dug up our capsicums (peppers) but luckily did not damage the roots.  We have so much garden to plant up that we don't really know where to start.  Or, to be more precise, Steve probably has good ideas which are thrown into disarray by my constant requests for an ivory curl, a golden penda, a wattle, some bottlebrush, kangaroo paw, grevilleas!  He can't keep up with me.  I'd like a water feature too, which might encourage some frogs (but NOT toads).  Phew!  Okay, time to wrap this up as my peach & raspberry slice is ready to come out of the oven.  I am aiming to become some kind of Domestic Goddess but so far, I have missed the bus - though there's always another bus to come along, isn't there?  Cheerio! 

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