14 April 2009

Easter munchies

Oh dear readers... where have I been?  You know, maintaining this blogging is Hard Work.  The pressure of performance anxiety!!  To be honest, I haven't had much vroooom to do much at all lately.  I was seriously hanging out for the four-day Easter break to catch up on stuff, but now the four days has passed & I'm NOT READY for it to be gone!!!  Did you all eat plenty of chocolate easter bunnies?  I have two dark choc bunnies cooling in my Kelvinator "hutch", softly calling my name.  Steve cannot do the bunny thing as he struggles emotionally with biting off its head or ears or tail or whatever.  
He has to suffice with a plain, oval egg.  Me on the other hand?  I can munch tails off bilbies, heads off wombats, ears off bunnies without a single quiver of remorse. Bring It On.  When it comes to chocolate, all pre-conceived notions are put aside.  Speaking of pre-conceived notions, did you see this latest offering from "Britain's Got Talent"?  Okay, okay, so I am a major sucker for a "feelgood" story but I love the honesty & personality of this Scottish woman, Susan Boyle & her complete lack of guile. Speaking of feeling good and of Scotland, isn't this a wonderful photo (above)?  Okay, admittedly I have "borrowed" it from the internet & have no idea who took the snap but I am pretty certain its Scotland and I just love the photo.  Don't you?    I have begun my psychological assessment of my house guests with this very first offering.  Our mannekin, whose name shall forever be... ummm... errr.... Mike, has been manipulated into this position below & I believe I can tell you exactly who did this, just by the way he is shaped.  
Steve's grand-daughter was the first to shape Mike but unfortunately, I didn't get a photo - suffice to say it was very indicative of a 6 year-old's love of gymnastics.    So, watch out if you come to visit & have an urge to play with Mike because I'll be psychoanalysing you!  Time to tear into some tinfoil & demolish a bunny.  Cheerio!

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