22 April 2009

Oh Susan!

Okay readers
Is it time for more confessions?  Is it?  Oh, okay then... Here is is:  I love Susan Boyle!!!  I have become completely addicted to her!  I am a marketing guru's dream!  I can't get enough of Susan!! I want to buy her CD - and she hasn't even made it yet, let alone got a recording contract.  I can't explain what it is that I love so much about her but I would put it down to these factors:
a)  she sings beautifully (ie like I wish I could sing)
b)  she seems to have a lovely, friendly, genuine personality
c)  she is a bit daggy (like all of us who are not supermodels)
d)  she is not svelte (like all of us who are not supermodels)
e)  she has man "troubles" (like all of us who are not supermodels)
In other words, WE CAN ALL RELATE TO HER!  She is not unfathonable.  Do you think that's the attraction?  We all love the Underdog.

Meanwhile, one of the other Susans in my life is away in Chicago at an artist's retreat called "Ragdale".  We Skyped the other day & she told me about the massive houses in the neighbourhood & then sent me some photos.  She calls them the "Chateaux of Illinois".  I hope Susan Boyle doesn't end up living in one of these with some slimy, corruptive, manipulative, money-hungry, opportunistic Lothario...  

And on the subject of Chicago, we went to see the stage production at the Lyric Theatre last weekend & it was great!  Steve didn't much like it as he felt no empathy for any of the characters, who were all pretty well a bunch of scumbags.  I was too busy daydreaming about my day on stage to notice really.  If Susan Boyle can do it, I can too!  This is a feeling I continue to have despite my friend Sue-Ellen feeling that my singing should be vetoed by the United Nations. Such rude friends I have!  Woe is me! 
On the bad news front, my god-daughter got a tattoo last week, despite violent protestations from me & from her father Chris.  What can I do?  She is 18.  I just have to sit back & take it. It's been quite an emotional time, thinking about her marking her body for ever and ever and ever. I just don't know that at 18 you can know for certain that you want those dolphins on your body for the Rest of Your Life.  Also bad is that my dental surgery is continuing to be problematic.  I had a frenectomy last week, which remains uncomfortable (must be the 20 sutures in there) & the periodontist told me he thinks I have a fistula or sinus from my palate to ... I don't know - somewhere!!!  Holy mackerel!  What next for Pete's sake?  I am O.V.E.R it.  If only I had never started this process but how was I to know it would fail so badly?  I will just take the positive spin & think - How Can It Get Any Worse?  Ha!!  Time to go to bed as I am running at the crack of dawn.  I am in training again for another Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon (5 July) but I will tell you know that my heart is just not into it like it was last year.  I have more injuries this year too. Who the hell said running was GOOD for you?  I am seeing a physio for my back, a podiatrist for my feet...  Tra-la-la!  Good night! 


Anonymous said...

chin up Jen... so maybe you can't sing in tune but neither can I (which is why all our friends ensure our microphones are always turned off), and your feet might be sore but at least your toenails look great!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jen. What a tale of woe. Or a toe of wails. (I know there are feet mentioned in there somewhere ...)
On the subject of Susan Boyle, have you heard her audio recording of Cry Me A River from 1999?
And better yet, have you seen her competition in Britain's Got Talent? Young Shaheen - what a voice, what a cutey! He'll become your new hero. At least Simon Cowell has ensured his show will have continued viewership as these two battle it out. Such a shame it's all SO STAGED.