30 April 2009

Sniff, sniff

Oh the shame of it.  Singing has been passed over for swine 'flu this week.  No more Susan Boyle.  It's all W.H.O alerts & how to sneeze into a tissue.  Amazing how the world can change so quickly in one short week.  Initially, I thought it was just a media hype brought about by CNN or by a pharmaceuticals company but now I am not so sure.  I find myself wondering how I can avoid getting swine flu or thinking about what disgusting things my hands have touched throughout the day. What a year. Global financial crises, a  new US President, bushfires, earthquakes & now pandemics - and it's only April. Groooaaaaaannnnn......  Bring on the chocolate, I say.   Here is an advert the UK government has just put out, which seems pretty effective to me.  I am busy sneezing right now & admiring the gleaming sprinkles that have landed on the computer screen, despite my having my hand over my mouth.  Eeeewwwww. Anyway, I want you all to know, in advance, that if I croak it of swine flu, I really appreciate your reading of my blog & pushing it past it's THOUSANDTH hit!  Hooray!  I've hit the big time & am into quadruple digits!

Here is a photo of me, aged about hmmmm... 18 months maybe?  Anyway, I am with my Nana. I don't actually know what this photo has to do with anything at all but I found it on my desktop & felt like sharing it.  I like it.  And speaking of youth, here is a recent snap of Miss Scarlett looking divine.  Nothing like a beautiful baby to make you forget the worries of the world.  I find it works for me anyway.  

I am feeling self-conscious about my blog tonight because I've been reading about other bloggers & what they write about & the worldwide "fame" they enjoy.  Now, I want you to appreciate that I've not actually after notoriety here BUT I do continue to have performance anxiety regarding the content of my blog.  I mean.... nothing exciting is going on here!!  It's just bland, every day stuff like my being in love with the most gigantic, glorious specimen of tree at "The Flats" (rugby field).  I have hugged it on more than one occasion.  I have yet to find out what species it is or how old it may be.  It has the most incredible bark.  

.... or my spoiled dog LillyPilly catching a few zzzzzz's while no-one was looking ......

.... or attending our first Anzac Day service in our new neighbourhood last Saturday morning.  I love those bagpipes.  I've put in an "order" for the pipes at my next momentous occasion (there are so many of them! Ha!).  I wonder if it's too late to learn to play....?

Tim the cat has just curled up inside my aboriginal basket. I'm just going to take a snap.  It's too good to miss.
Time to sign off for now.  We're off to Noosa this weekend for a week's holiday, which, when interpreted, means Reading, Writing Letters, Sleeping, Walking on the Beach or in the National Park, Eating & generally Having FUN & not answering a single telephone call for seven days! The phone at work this week has been completely & utterly mind-boggling & I have seriously felt bombarded.  I will admit, with no shame, that I was close to tears on Tuesday from answering so many calls.  And when I couldn't answer them, they went to the answering machine & then more calls came in while I was trying to retrieve the ones on the answering machine & then - an innocent telemarketer called ..... and now I will terminate the tale.  For a few hours in the last week, the thought of showering demented pensioners on commode chairs at 6am was actually more appealing.  Okay, so only for a few short moments!  Cheerio!  Will write more from the coast.  Don't forget to use a tissue when you sneeze & wash your hands!!!

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Susan Buret said...

Swine flu advice from the US. You must sneeze/cough into your elbow or onto your sleeve. Then your hands will not pass on the contaminated snot.