20 May 2009

Les Bebes

Is that the right (French) spelling for my title?  Yes, this post is all about les enfants.  I had some of the "recently mothered" girls over for morning tea last week.  The last time I did this was about 20 years ago & those babies are now taking on the world!  Who'd have thought I'd be still hanging around with procreators after all this time.  Not bad for a girl who hasn't procreated a thing except a few terrible belches!  
This is my brother Hugh, who would flay me alive if he knew I'd posted this photo of him on the internet!  But he is so cute...  Aaaanyway, what I was saying was that I delighted in my bi-weekly day off by pretending to be a Domestic Goddess & doing the whole morning tea thing with Grandma Grace's Spode china, babies crawling around the floor like little grubs (about to turn into butterflies) & LillyPilly receiving nourishment from licking their faces.  Oh groan.... Little Yvette below was a particularly tasty specimen, & completely nonplussed by Lil's smelly tongue.
Whereas Ethan & Layla below where not quite as mobile, therefore not being a ready source of entertainment for Lil who I think must view 'les bebes' as some kind of exotic small pet. 

The one who gave Lil the most grief was Zoe Cox, who is racing about on Turbo Crawl Power extremely well, much to her parents' anxiety as she is due to get on a 'plane for a 24 hour flight to France, via Beijing, in less than a week.  Bring on The Drugs (for the parents?  or for the baby?) 
Of course, little Scarlett was brilliant as well.  As if she is EVER not going to be though!  She is also having her first overseas flight this week but her parents are seasoned baby travellers & probably have all kinds of tricks up their sleeve to ensure they have a comfortable flight (possibly even sitting the baby with another family?!!) 
Meanwhile, this week it is completely pelting down with rain & we are watching water rise all over the city.  The "flats" (rugby fields) at the end of our street were under about 30cm of water this afternoon.  Unfortunately, I wasn't privvy to any of this deluge, being diligently at work with no windows!  However, I can hear the rain outside now & it really is giving us a hammering.  I love it though - especially as my running coach has emailed us all to tell us running is off tomorrow morning at 5:15am.  I ran on Tuesday morning & got thoroughly drenched for an hour so I am overjoyed at a potential sleep-in tomorrow! Good night!  Time to turn on the electric blanket.  One more baby photo to finish the show.  This is my dad's dad, Josiah Williams (circa 1895). Adorable! This sweet little baby fought in WW1 and grew up to be a lawyer in Clay Center, Kansas.  

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