13 May 2009

Too long between posts (again..)

Hi readers
Okay, okay so I am back (but not with a vengeance).  I've been on holidays in a WiFi Wilderness so no tinkling on the internet, which is probably a good thing for me.  I have just spent the last 20 precious minutes trying to change the look of my blog, with little success really.  I think that with some of my giant chunks of SPARE TIME (ha), I should do a weekend course on website design & learn about html's and how to manipulate them to make the web page of my dreams. Others can do it so I can too. Enough of my griping now.  I will sip some water & continue with the epic that will be this blog posting  (sip, sip, sip).  Steve & I have been on holidays at Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast, for the past week.  It was, as you can all well imagine, wonderful.  We didn't want to come home & have booked the same week next year.  It's the first time I've ever done such a thing, feeling that revisiting one place is a dud idea when there are so many places to visit in this world, but our apartment on the river was just super.  It was So Relaxing!  This view below is the view from our deck.  
And this is sunset from the same deck...

While we were up there, the Noosa Food & Wine Festival was on so we spent Sunday munching delicious food samples, listening to music & hanging out with some friends who were also up there at the same time.  We also cooked our first ever whole fish (a snapper), preparing it after a couple of glasses of vino with a spectacular, never-to-be-repeated result.  Basically, to be honest, the entire week was about relaxation, reading & eating and we successfully achieved all three goals.  
This, for example, is the very fine & incredibly tasty lemon tart from a brilliant Spanish restaurant at Cotton Tree called "Ba Vigo".  We were there for lunch, where we ate the most delicious (& reasonably priced) tapas, followed by a morsel of dessert & some Spanish sherry

I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting the Sunshine Coast.  The service was brilliant, the staff friendly and helpful, and the food was absolutely divine - and most importantly, in this time of recession, it was Reasonably Priced & good value.  I give it Five Stars (shame no-one really cares about my reviews!)  My mum & her partner came up for a couple of days for mum's birthday which was good.  We, of course, took her out for lunch at another good place called "Vanilla Bean" at Noosaville.....

but rather than snooze on the sofa all afternoon, we took our freshly manicured toes to Noosa National Park for a walk & to enable mum to do some painting.  However, we were almost eaten alive by an unidentified crab ...  We also saw koalas and a huge carpet python curled up in a tree, being poked by international tourists with a streak of sadism about them.  Luckily, the python was sound asleep!

Listen, if I am ever going to write a book, I'd better get a wiggle on & do it because just writing this blog posting has taken me about an hour!  It's the fiddling about with the photos that takes the time.  I think blogspot is a bit clunky so I constantly have to cut & paste etc.  
So basically, Steve & I had a truly wonderful holiday.  We both read voraciously & I completely gobbled up a fantastic book called "The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society" which, despite its cumbersome title, is one of the best books I have ever read! Here is a tidbit of it that I found on YouTube.  It's based on letters between a woman writer & a group of people on Guernsey & is set about one year after the end of WW2.  I tell you, it had me in fits of laughter & cups of tears.  I couldn't put it down & now I am obsessed with reading people's letters. Shame I don't write more letters myself.  I want to... I just become distracted (by blogging possibly?  Or running?  Or even work maybe?)

Anyway, if you have a chance, you should read it. Hmmm... my font has changed.  
Oh this blog!!! I think I will sign off for now because honestly, it's getting dark outside!  
And I need to walk this mutt.  In other words, I am becoming irritated by the behaviour
of this blog!  Cheerio readers & I will attempt to be more generous with my posts.

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Susan Buret said...

Great to see you back in print. The holiday sounds fantastic and I'm so glad you liked Ba Vigo.