30 June 2009

The Lost Readers

That's the truth of it really folks.  If I don't get myself organised & blog more often, I will lose my readers!  But where does the time go?  It seems like only yesterday that I was blogging but in reality, it has been TEN DAYS!  Oh my.  Oh dear.  Okay... so what's been happening?  Well, the Number One activity of the last week has been Pete's funeral last Wednesday down in Lismore (about 3 hours' drive south of Brisbane).  His ex-wife was there & I have not seen her in about 25 years so it was great to catch up with her again.  To be honest, funerals DO seem to be great places for reunions....  Hmm.  The service was very nice really & Pete's daughters & grand-daughters spoke very lovingly of him.  It was very moving.  I was wishing I'd had as many loving things to say about my own dad when he died.  Anyway, that's a whole healing sore that I don't fancy opening up right now.  I did take a photo of this Ridiculous Signage at the crematorium.  What's your take on it?
Pete would not have been happy about all the fuss, no doubt, but in September we are having his Final Farewell involving his girls taking his ashes out to sea, shots of whisky, some music & a Party!  I think that might be more up his alley.
We went to visit mum this last weekend to see how she was.  She is coping okay but I think she enjoyed having us around & we had a wonderful Bush Barbie on Sunday, with a little fire against a boulder amongst the trees.  The day was glorious - blue sky, warm sun, gentle breeze. We are so lucky!  Admittedly, the smoke was a bit obnoxious...

This was our lunch.  Doesn't it look YUMMY???  Nothing like a good old charred snag & baked potato straight from the ashes.  In fact, see the ash on the plate?  Delicious! 
This Sunday is the Gold Coast Marathon!  I am doing the 1/2 Marathon again so am aiming to beat my time from last year.  However, I am staying realistic as I've had a cold for the past week. Here's a funny little story.  This young lady below told me this week she is going to be an orthopaedic surgeon when she grows up and drive an Astin Martin!  Yeeha Gracie - you go girl! I have tipped her off about needing to be strong (mentally AND physically) but she assures me she is ready.  When I was her age (33 years ago), our big aim was to become teachers or nurses or secretaries.  How the world has changed.  
Did I show you the photo of our new bookcase?  It's GORGEOUS.  I adore it.  Now I just need to fill it with books. I really thought I had a lot of books, but obviously, not enough.  I just finished reading, "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" which I actually enjoyed, despite it being a pile of nonsense.  I just can't get enough of anything Jane Austen. I need to join the Society....  I have started reading "Wetlands" which I have to say is .. errr... umm... confronting.  I had to put it down for a week to recover!  Crumbs.  It's going to take some work to get through it all without too much squirming.  I didn't buy it myself!!  It came as a gift (with my floral swim cap) from Swell.

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Out of curiosity where did you find your swimming cap? Please contact me on jonasmcq @ gmail.com asap.